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What Does An SEO Company Do?

SEO services

What is the point of a website if no one gets to see it. Optimize your site to rank as high as possible on the google search engine result page and drive organic traffic.


Google has various algorithms in place it uses as a standard to rank websites. If your site does not meet the necessary criteria then your site won’t rank and your online visibility will be eclipsed by your competitors.


It’s important to pair good design and content with SEO tactics in order to bring visitors to your website and convert them. Just having a great product, service or blog isn’t enough – you need to get the right people to visit your site too, and that’s the role of SEO.

Increase Online Visibility

Rank on the search engine results page (SERPS) for queries related to your business. With quality content and authority, assist google in searching and indexing your site, helping your business receive greater overall online exposure.

It's Low Cost Marketing

Get great return on investment by using intent driven marketing. Search engine optimization is a sustainable long term investment when it comes to marketing your business. What sets it apart is that it is directly targeting consumer intent and not just generating interest in an ocean of ads.

Drive Organic Traffic

Attract new users and prospective customers from viewers organically encountering your site on the search engine results page. Opting for google ad words is a good option to generate temporary traffic however it can turn in to an expensive solution that is ineffective long term.

Acquire Actionable Data

Discover what variables affect your business and adapt to market trends by studying user interaction with your site. Learn from your competitors and stay ahead of the game by keeping your site up to date with googles algorithm and continuously adjusting your site to remain ranking for popular queries related to your business.

Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic

Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

Design Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

The SEO Process.

Use SEO As A Marketing Strategy To Increase Your Online Exposure


Site Audit
We Run A Site Audit And Take A Look At Your Current Standing

This is where we take a look at the in's and out's of your site. From your current traffic and ranking position amongst your competitors to the overall health and authority of your site.


With This Insight We Devise A Personalized Approach

With insight gained from the site audit and your general requirements, we devise strategies to increase your sites' compatibility with googles' search algorithms. By pairing competitive research with other general adjustments we craft methods to revamp your site and gain momentum.


We Implement These Strategies

Effective and competent implementation of these strategies in your sites content, design and structure will assist google in correctly indexing your site on the search engine results page.


We Gather Data And Track Your Sites Progression

We now track your optimised sites progression with the data we acquire from market interaction with your site and consistently tweak it to keep your site relevant.

Results Driven
SEO Services

Local and Global SEO:  reach a national or international audience.

Keyword Research: we research queries related to your industry and which search terms have the most relevance to your business

Competitive Research: we study your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses to where you can out perform 

On-page and Off-page Optimization: we optimize your sites content and increase authority through link building.

Technical SEO: we handle the nitty-gritty side of SEO such as structure, site health and page speed.

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We offer our clients services for long-lasting optimization of their open positions on the major search engines and for progressing with an algorithm that is progressively becoming complicated in nature