How Do We Implement It?

It's All About
The Numbers!

Web analytics are a means to track your sites performance and see whether or not your strategies are effective. By observing user interaction with your website you can gather useful data regarding the behavior of your target audience.


With this data you can revise and improve your strategies to continuously adapt to the market, and assist your company in achieving its’ goals.

Observe Your Website Traffic And Their Sources

See how many users are viewing your site as new or returning visitors. Understand your visibility and ensure that the viewers of your site belong to high quality leads.  See what sources generate the most traffic, from ads to social media, referrals and organic search, to identify your most valuable source.

Analyze Conversion Rates

Measure the number of goal completions on your site and track how well your site is able to convert leads into prospective customers. Use this data to further improve your strategy and grow your website for further lead generation.

Review Bounce Rates and Exit Pages

Identify whether or not your site is retaining its' visitors by seeing the amount of single page views and the pages that cause users to lose interest and leave your site. Use this information to improve those pages and craft better strategies for conversions.

View Return On Investment

Use web analytics to identify your most profitable strategies by seeing which channels generate more revenue. See if paid search or organic search generates more leads and narrow down your investments to the most effective strategies.

Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.

Geoffrey Moore, management consultant and author of Crossing the Chasm

Turn Information Into Insight

How Do We Implement Web Analytics?

The Industry Standard Methodology For Success In Web Analytics



We take a look at the details of your websites current performance and identify the relevant KPI's. We analyze your current practices and see whether or not they are in line with your company's goals and refine them alongside you to measure growth effectively.



After gathering that data we then do further research on the online landscape your company's website will be operating in to identify opportunities for growth. We then strategize how to gather insightful data that will give direction regarding how your site can further achieve your businesses goals.



After identifying all the relevant variables we implement the strategies we have formulated. It involves setting up a tracking code for your website, along with parameters, custom dimensions, and goals recommended through the decision stage.


Report and Revise

We continuously evaluate this data to then optimize your website to achieve its goals. We evaluate all reports to identify whether or not the data collected is relevant to your business' goals and then share these reports with you in order for you to gain insight for further business decisions.

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